The Haunted World of Rob Zombie: Part I

"She's a killer! She's a thriller! Spookshow Baby!" Rob Zombie


Aylmer said…
Very nice collection of contrasting images there James. Zombie has so much criticism thrown at him, and it annoys me. It's because he doesn't pander. He's a filmmaker with a fearlessly personal vision and an impeccable eye for striking imagery.
James Gracey said…
I completely agree. He's fast become one of my favourite filmmakers. He just creates these really vivid, at times stiflingly lurid worlds I almost want to crawl inside of and explore. And then promptly crawl back out! I think his best films are The Devil's Rejects and Lords of Salem; though Halloween II seems to become more effective each time I view it. It's so bleak and cruel but strangely compelling. As you say, he possesses such a fearlessly personal vision.
Aylmer said…
Agreed, Rejects and Salem are his best, with Rejects being his most emotionally satisfying. I need to revisit House of 1000 Corpses, haven't seen it for years.
James Gracey said…
I watched House of 1000 Corpses very recently (for the first time in quite a few years) and enjoyed it much more second time around. Again, there's such a crazed tone and creepy atmosphere which, coupled with some blistering visuals, makes for some very arresting viewing indeed.

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