First Annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival

Yellow Fever Productions is an independent production company based in Belfast. In 2008 they produced the award winning Battle of the Bone – a zombie flick set in Belfast on the Twelfth of July featuring two rival communities forced to put aside their differences and come together to deal with a marauding horde of the living dead.
Written and directed by Yellow Fever founder George Clarke, Battle of the Bone was screened at The Freakshow Horror Film Festival in Florida, October 2008. Amongst those on the panel of judges was none other than George Romero, who heaped praise on the film. Battle went on to scoop the Audience Choice Award at this festival.

Not content to produce award winning films, Yellow Fever have organised their own independent film festival right here in Belfast. The event kicks off on 22 August and is sure to provide audiences with much to salivate over.

In a recent interview with Culture Northern Ireland, George Clarke revealed that he was inspired to set up his own independent film festival after he took Battle of the Bone to the Freakshow Film Festival in Florida. The young director is keen to encourage other local filmmakers and create a platform for them to showcase their work. The festival will screen a horde of independent features by filmmakers from, amongst other places, Hong Kong, America, Ireland and the UK. The line up includes a whirlwind tour spanning genres such as horror, comedy, martial arts, drama and action. Titles include Shadowland, Isle of the Damned, Death in D-Minor, The Dead Outside and Underground. The festival will also be premiering the new feature from Yellow Fever, The Knackery. With a budget of £100 and a shooting schedule of 5 weeks, The Knackery promises more of the same spills, chills and thrills that Battle of the Bone provided.

Amongst the film screenings on offer, those attending will also be treated to exclusive workshops, an art market featuring a range of artwork and crafts created by local artists, Q&A sessions, tattooists (!) and a number of special guests including Mike Leeder, who has worked as producer and casting director on films such as Rush Hour 3, The Mummy 3, Fearless, Blood The Last Vampire.

Against the odds – there is a distinct lack of funding for independent projects such as this in Northern Ireland – Yellow Fever have organised what will hopefully be the first of many independent film festivals.

The festival runs from 22-23 August at the Stormont Hotel, Belfast, and tickets are £20. For more information or to book tickets, click here.


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