Speaking of Argento...

Christine over at Fascination with Fear dropped me a line this afternoon with some very interesting news about Dario Argento's next film project. Apparently the director has announced that he plans to direct his own version of Bram Stoker's classic chiller Dracula... IN 3D!!

Now that I have caught my breath, picked my jaw up off the floor and settled down, I did some research and sure enough, cyberspace is positively buzzing with news of this shock announcement. The news was generated by some really, really early sales art at Cannes for what will be Dario Argento's undoubtedly distinct take on the dark and sensuous tale of forbidden desire, obsession and centuries-old (blood) lust. In the current climate of obsession with all things fanged and morbidly forlorn, it might be interesting to see Argento’s take on the classic tale.

FrightFest honcho and Dario Argento expert Alan Jones posted this on Twitter earlier, "Just announced, Dario Argento's DRACULA in 3D, filming in Italy January, period setting".

Argento is no stranger to gothic/period horror, having already helmed the spectacularly uneven, though still technically impressive Phantom of the Opera, and produced SFX guru Sergio Stivaletti’s directorial debut Wax Mask.

Speaking of 3D, it was only last year that news spread throughout cyberland that Argento was toying with the notion of remaking his own masterpiece, Deep Red. IN 3D!!

When I interviewed Dario Argento recently he couldn’t divulge any information about his next project as he was still negotiating the specifics with US execs – though he did reveal that he had no intentions of remaking Deep Red. We shall just have to wait and see what materialises from this interesting and, if I’m completely honest, bizarre news!

To listen to my interview with Dario Argento, click here. And please forgive me my gushing, it was a major dream come true and I was like an unsure, quietly ecstatic child in a blood-spattered sweet shop…

Thank you again to the positively delectable Francesca Brazzorotto for setting up the interview and translating everything! La ringrazio.


Thanks for the mention;)

And I'm still reeling over the news myself. And wondering how weird it will be in 3D... Guess even Argento had to jump on that bandwagon.
3D fangs...crazy, right?

Regardless, I am always up for a new take on the classic, especially a really dark, gothic take on it. Hope it's released here in the US - have yet to see Giallo.
Y'know, I may get lynched for saying this, but Dracula is one of my least favourite movie-monsters. I've tried, oh how I've tried, to get on with the almighty fanged one, from the 1922 Nosferatu, to Universal's Dracula in 1931, and then Hammer Horror's Horror of Dracula (1958), none of them have particularly resonated for me. I find the guy, well... boring.

However, a Dracula helmed by Argento? Now THAT'S exciting. I'm still a little apprehensive about the current 3D bandwagon, but if anyone can utilise it to its full effect, Argento can. Very interesting news!
Aaron said…
Wow, I don't know what to think about that. I'm speechless!
Simon said…
I must say, while I do love Dario Argento, his recent films have been rather dire. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
Matthew Coniam said…
Asking for disappointment, I know, but I'm totally up for this!
Asia for Lucy!
Anonymous said…
I swore I'd 'Never do Vamp' ... but if it's an Argento take on it, I'll definitely be looking out for that!
SamDrog2000 said…
Argento + Dracula = movie heaven.
James Gracey said…
Argento has toyed with the notion of tackling some of the 'classic' monsters before. He wrote a treatment for Frankenstein set in WWII and even considered remaking The Golem once. He's never really said much about Dracula before. I was genuinely shocked when Christine told me about this - I reckon I can get on board with it though.

Cautious optimism. Deep breaths. etc etc.
That is THE most random and intriguing news I have ever heard! Im all in, this should be interesting!
Jose Cruz said…
I'm pretty much with everyone else on this. It has the potential to be really superb. Or a bit less than superb.

I shall wait patiently in my coffin for this one. Great reporting!

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