More Argento titles announced on Arrow Video

Those generous folks over at Arrow Video/Cult Labs are at it again. Having already released Inferno, The Card Player, Opera, The Stendhal Syndrome and Two Evil Eyes, they’ve just announced several more forthcoming Argento titles. Hot on the heels of The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Phenomena and Deep Red will be Cat O’Nine Tails and Tenebrae, both to be released next year on DVD and Blu-Ray complete with a bloody geyser of extra features and newly commissioned art work by Rick Melton.

His second feature (and his own least favourite of his films), Cat O’Nine Tails was Argento’s follow up to the dazzling The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. The film stars James Franciscus as a reporter who teams up with a blind ex-cop (Karl Malden) to track down a killer seemingly obsessed with mysterious genetic research. A slick and stylish giallo, Cat O’Nine Tails was the second film in Argento’s renowned ‘Animal Trilogy' and has its fair share of memorable moments and suspenseful set pieces.

Argento’s reflexive masterpiece and rumination on giallo and murder-mystery movies, Tenebrae is the twisted tale of horror writer Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa), whose trip to Rome to promote his new bestseller coincides with a spate of grisly murders. The writer becomes increasingly linked to events and begins to lose his grip on reality. A highly reflexive film, Tenebrae sees Argento actively explore and comment on themes that reappear throughout his work. Everything from Freudian psychological transfer, sexual deviancy, repressed trauma and the attraction of brutal and stylised violence to movie audiences, to the alleged sinister effects of art (in particular cinema) on society; is all lovingly dissected. And all, of course, filmed with the usual style and aplomb that you’d expect from Argento; Tenebrae also contains some of the maestro’s most iconic imagery.

Stay tuned to Arrow Video for more info, and sign up to Cult Labs to meet kindred spirits and chat about cult cinema in friendly forums.

To find out more about Arrow Video and what makes them tick, pick up issue 2 of Shock Horror magazine - it features an in-depth article on the company. Great read!


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Anonymous said…
That Tenebrae cover is lovely!
I have yet to experience an Arrow Video release but their catalog is impressive and I have heard nothing but good things.

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