Dan O'Bannon Week

A year ago last week, the movie world mourned the loss of one of it’s most original and strikingly innovative contributors - writer/director/producer/actor Dan O’Bannon.

As the screenwriter of classic genre films such as Alien and Total Recall and cult favourites Dead and Buried, Dark Star and Return of the Living Dead, O’Bannon really made his mark on the world of genre cinema.

To commemorate the anniversary of his death and celebrate his film work, The Blood Sprayer is just rounding up a whole week of articles dedicated to an appreciation of everything 'Dan O’Bannon.'


Cody said…
I didn't even know he had passed. This is quite fitting, since I've been watching all the Alien films. God, I really did not enjoy Aliens. I guess he was really only involved with the first one, so I'm going to have to seek out some of his work. I know he did Dead and Buried which always gets great reviews but for some reason I have not seen.
James Gracey said…
Check out Return of the Living Dead - it's ACE! He also directed it. Belated Holiday wishes!
Cody said…
OMG. I cannot believe I forgot about Return of The Living Dead. Possibly my favorite zombie movie. Rabid weasels and Tarman!
psynno said…
Excellent,look forward to this. Would love to know how Dead and Buried came about. Love that film. So unrelentingly sombre and foreboding. A real nightmare.

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