Pleasures of the Damned

Before there was Isle of the Damned, there was Antonello Giallo’s Pleasures of the Damned, soon to be available on DVD for the first time ever in a re-mastered and restored “European Cut,” just in time for the DVD format to die!

In July of 1979, Italian director, Antonello Giallo, completed work on his debut feature. Shortly after the film's premiere, he was brought up by the Italian government on 17 charges of indecency, and all copies of the film were presumed destroyed... Until now!

When a group of Satan worshipping bikers seek out a book that purportedly holds the secrets of eternal life, they accidentally resurrect an ancient evil that manifests itself in the zombified forms of cult members who sacrificed themselves to Satan some 200 years ago. Private Investigator Jack Steele, while on a mission to help rescue Evelyn Crane’s brother Tommy from the psychotic cult, may be the only one that can lay the curse to rest for good!

DVD BONUS FEATURES: 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes, Full MP3 Score, Carl Cephas Interview, Antonello Giallo Bio, A Drinking Game & Trailers

Here’s what people are saying about it…

"There isn't enough water in my shower to wash the filth from my soul."
- Carl Cephas, Washington Psychotronic Film Society

"Pleasures of the Damned is a gloriously excessive homage that is well worthy of being included alongside the ancestors that inspired it. Simply put, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie." - Jason Pitt,

"I’ll keep it short and sweet: this movie rocks and is essential viewing for fans of trash.” – Grimly Fiendish

Refreshing… goofy fun!” - Greg Goodsell, Screem Magazine

"We decided to take it upon ourselves to restore Pleasures of the Damned because Antonello Giallo makes Ed Wood Jr. look like Orson Welles. He deserves to be a household name." - Mark Colegrove, Dire Wit Films

Check out the trailer here and visit for more info, madness and inards…

I interviewed Antonello Giallo’s alter-ego Mark Colegrove a while back about his follow up to Pleasures, Isle of the Damned, a movie that also shamelessly wears it influences on its badly dubbed, deliberately amateurish and bloodily soiled sleeve; lovingly parodying the entrails-saturated genre that inspired it. Namely, the insanely violent and graphic Italian cannibal movies from the Seventies and Eighties.
Head over to The Blood Sprayer to check out the interview.

Pleasures of the Damned is available on DVD from 22nd February!


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