The Shining: A Poster Gallery

With its astounding plethora of now iconic images, shots, recurring motifs and enduring production design details, it’s easy to see how The Shining inspires artists as much as it does. Here are but a few examples of promotional artwork for Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece of modern horror…


Aylmer said…
Wow, I haven't seen a number of these before. Thanks for sharing James. I love how oft used the carpet design is (it's in eight of them). That simple geometric design has become iconic in its own right.

My fave will always be the original yellow one. That was the cover of the paperback edition I read too.

I also love the design on this Fright Rags t-shirt:
James Gracey said…
I have a soft spot for the yellow one too, Aylmer. And I love that Fright Rags design! I think my favourite from the above is the one where the Overlook appears as a snow-globe, with Danny on the carpet in the foreground. Beautiful.

Speaking of that incredible carpet design, have you seen these?

WANT!!! ;)
Aylmer said…
No I hadn't and now I'm freaking out. Soooooooo cool. I might have to order a door mat. Doesn't say they're limited so I might actually have a chance!
thekelvingreen said…
I just bought a friend a pair of socks with that carpet pattern; he now can't look at his feet as he finds them too sinister!

This is a great selection of posters. One of my local cinemas gets a local artist to produce alternative posters for film releases so I see this kind of thing quite often and it's always fun to see new interpretations.
Jillian said…
Fantastic collection! I would love to decorate my someday movie/entertainment room with movie posters like this. It's hard to just pick just one though, they are awesome!

Thanks for sharing.
These are great! I did the same thing with Psycho a while back on the blog, intending to put only a few choices. But there were SO many that the title of the post ended up being "50 Shades of Psycho"!!

My favorites of The Shining always include the typewriter and the "All work and no play..." phrase - to me the most chilling scene in the film!
James Gracey said…
I remember your Psycho post, Christine. There were some beautiful pieces included in it. I had the same issue with the artwork I found for The Shining - so many great examples it was hard to decide which ones to include!

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