Latest review and chance to win a copy of 'Dario Argento' (Kamera Books)...

The latest review of Dario Argento is in courtesy of Horrorview. According to the website, Dario Argento is a "meticulously detailed but vividly written piece of work." The reviewer then goes on to say that the book will "prove invaluable to even seasoned fans... a compellingly written analysis of the films, pitched at a level that will enthuse rather than confuse the interested newer fan."

Fancy winning a copy of the book? Simple. Head over to Paracinema and pre-order a copy of issue 9 before April 18th. Your name will then be entered into a draw and you'll not only have a copy of the new issue of Paracinema (cool!), but also be in with the chance to win a copy of the book Horrorview described as "an enthusiastic and intelligently written appreciation of one of the most iconic names in modern horror."

Also, stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Il Maestro himself: Dario Argento!

Coming soon...


Anonymous said…
Praise where priase is due James ... I'm glad your book is being so well received.
Anonymous said…
I am so excited to read this. I may explode!!

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