Random Creepy Moment #267,945 - Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers

After his hiatus from the criminally underrated (though still far from perfect) Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Michael Myers, at the behest of his fans – and greedy producers – returned to stalk the leafy streets of Haddonfield in Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. See what they did there. With a whole new set of characters introduced, including Laurie Strode’s daughter and her adoptive family, it isn’t long before the blood begins to flow.

For a film bogged down in its own lack of imagination, originality or flair, Halloween IV actually begins with so much promise. The opening titles play out over a simple collection of shots which when viewed in succession evoke such a bleak, eerie and overwhelmingly creepy atmosphere. The lack of music adds to the unease – all that exists on the soundtrack is a low howling wind that reeks of desolation and despair. Before long, the faintest strains of Alan Howarth’s deliciously dark and brooding synth score can gradually be heard; though at this stage, it’s still just a throbbing echo under the noise of the desolate wind, rippling across the sparse, strangely empty locations and fading light of these opening moments.
With such a barren, hopeless mood conjured in these opening minutes, all seems well! So far so good. Then the film actually starts. Sadly, as soon as this happens and Myers makes his grand entrance, its back to pilfering and pillaging the memory of the original Halloween.

As the film progresses, the American Gothic mood pregnant with foreboding established during the credits, is lost under the weight of derivative cliché, lack of tension, cheap scares and utter lack of artistic merit. When such high hopes are dashed as soon as a film’s title sequence has ended and the film begins proper, you know you’re in for a rough ride. And not in a good way.

Still though, those opening credits are DAMN creepy.


MrJeffery said…
yes...i love the opening credits in that movie!
Wings said…
I totally agree with you about the opening, but I also have some love for the rest of the movie. It isn't Halloween from '78, but its own entity. Some other creepy moments here and there, and while it doesn't have the same bang as the original, it is good, to me.
James said…
Don't get me wrong, Wings! I said it wasn't a good film, but I didn't say I didn't like it! Aside from part 2 (which was also a big disappointment) and H20, I feel the Halloween sequels are amongst the most devoid of merit as far as horror sequels go. ;)
Cody said…
Oh, God, I think I'm in love with you. You should read my review of 'Halloween 4' and you'll see why.
Ahh! I love love love the opening credits in this film; I can't believe you are mentioning them here. When I went to see this at the theater (*cough cough, I'm old, cough cough*) I was so psyched when it started, thought I was in for a real treat. Um...

But I did still enjoy the film, incidentally :)
James said…
Will do, Cody!

I enjoyed it too, Christine. Even if it is lame and Myers' mask is just ALL wrong. ;)
James said…
Cody do you have a link for your review? Was just over at It All Happens in the Dark but couldn't find your review of Halloween 4... Maybe I'm just being lame? Or am too drunk to see it. Either way: can't find it!
Cody said…
Here you go!

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