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Exquisite Terror is an independently produced periodical, the intention of which is to take a more academic, analytical approach to the genre of horror. For a limited time only, while the finishing touches are being made to the splendid Exquisite Terror 4, why not purchase some bargainous reading material in previous issues? Only a handful of copies are left and you can grab ‘em here. For international sales, please contact info@exquisiteterror.com prior to order.

"Exquisite Terror is something rather different… genre fans looking for interesting, sometimes provocative features on the fringe elements of the genre will find much to enjoy here." Strange Things Are Happening

"An academic look at the filmic horror genre incorporating unique artwork and photography alongside often thought-provoking writing. They say the best things come in small packages… Exquisite Terror proves that rule. If you haven't yet dipped your toe into Exquisite Terror's murky waters then I advise you to do so today." Cyberschizoid

Issue I includes an essay on actor Donald Sutherland and his career in the 1970s; an interview with Spanish director Guillem Morales (Julia’s Eyes); How to survive vampirism, according to Bram Stoker and Stephen King; The obligatory ‘more’…

Issue II includes an examination of the relationship between fairy tale and horror film (by yours truly); Dalliances with the dead, by an occultist; Upper-class dining with a difference; And, by popular demand, the analysis of both classic book and film…

Issue III includes an essay (by me) on the cat and his presence in horror; Jörg Buttgereit; The enduring ability of The Exorcist to frighten the viewer (by author Jon Towlson); Examination of Stephen King’s It from page to screen; Script analysis of Cannibal Holocaust...

The forthcoming Exquisite Terror IV will feature articles and analyses on the likes of Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and mine own essay on the Irish ancestry of Dracula…

For more information visit www.exquisiteterror.com, follow Exquisite Terror on Twitter and Facebook, and check out this interview with our editor, Naila Scargill.


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