In Conversation with Composer, Jonathan Snipes

Starry Eyes is the Faustian tale of an ambitious young actress whose encounter with a sinister production company propels her on a harrowing spiral into despair, madness and diabolism, as she attempts to make her dreams of fame a reality. At any cost…

Enhancing the ominous atmosphere is a throbbing electronic score courtesy of LA based composer Jonathan Snipes. An electro love letter to the likes of John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, and Goblin, Snipes’ music is the perfect accompaniment to the protagonist’s hellish transformation. According to one critic, “its importance to the film’s ability to disturb cannot be understated.”

With the recent release of the score on vinyl, courtesy of Waxwork Records, I thought it was high time we caught up with Jonathan, who very kindly agreed to an interview about his work on Starry Eyes. 

Head over to Paracinema to read the interview and sample some of the score. 


Aylmer said…
Great movie. I'd forgotten how good the score was until reminded by someone recently. My current film score obsession: The Duke of Burgundy by Cat's Eyes. Soooooo good.
James Gracey said…
A good friend of mine recently shared some Cat's Eyes with me - I LOVED it. Can't wait to check out The Duke of Burgundy.
Mykal said…
Glad to see you're still going strong, brother.
James Gracey said…
Mykal! Long time, no speak. I hope you're well. Any plans to return to blogging about Atomic-Age sci-fi B-movies? :)

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