Mega Piranha

Just when you thought it was safe to rummage around in the bargain bin of your local video store, the latest ‘mockbuster’ offering from the ‘so-bad-its-good’-centric studio The Asylum, raises its shameless head from the dank depths of straight-to-DVD hell for a brief release on the big screen. Mega Piranha features a ‘plot’ involving a mutant strain of genetically modified giant piranha that escape from the Amazon and make their way towards Florida, leaving a trail of poorly realised, miniscule-budgeted destruction in their wake. Cheap CGI, copious explosions, absurd pseudo-science, baffling technical jargon, 80s popstress Tiffany and much mindless entertainment ensues. Huzzah!

Head over to Eye for Film to read my full review.


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