Random Creepy Scene #846: Friday the 13th - Part VII: The New Blood

The Friday the 13th franchise isn't exactly renowned for its subtlety. It is a series of movies essentially repeating a very familiar pattern: teens in secluded backwoods by Crystal Lake fall victim to hulking and very repressed killing machine Jason Voorhees. After they’ve indulged in copious amounts of booze, drugs and premarital sex, naturally. It’s generally held that the higher the number of the sequel, the lesser the quality of the film. This has never stopped me from enjoying each instalment though. With a nice Sauvignon, natch.

In part seven of the series the filmmakers actually attempted to take the franchise in a slightly new direction – as well as all the usual stupid teens wandering around in the dark woods investigating strange noises and getting murderlised by Jason, a pretty girl with latent telekinetic powers is also thrown into the mix. It’s essentially Jason vs. Carrie and was intended to directly compete with the successful and overtly supernatural A Nightmare on Elm Street Series – in fact The New Blood started out as the first attempt to face Jason off against Freddy Kreuger. This fell through though. It’s all as subtle as its director’s initials imply… (The director was John Carl Buechler - go figure).

Years after Tommy Jarvis seemingly defeated him and chained him underwater at Camp Crystal Lake, everyone’s favourite hockey-masked hulking killer Jason Voorhees returns to stalk and slash nubile teens when he's accidently released by a teenager with psychic powers…

The film does exhibit one moment of genuine creepiness and subtlety. After David and Robyn have had a wee bit of sex, he ventures downstairs to indulge in a midnight snack. As the power is out, he takes a torch. Moving through the darkened house – lit only by his torch and sporadic lightning – David enters the kitchen and fails to see the hulking brute standing stock still in the corner behind him (visable in top right-hand corner of fourth still below). Just standing there. Watching. Waiting. In the dark. We only see him briefly when lightning momentarily lights the entire room. This is one of the few instances in the series where we get a genuine hint of Jason’s sadistic and darkly calculating nature. There is something supremely creepy about him just standing there, so out of place in the cosy confines of this secluded holiday cabin home… With balloons.

The creepiness ends here and the usual in-your-face and breeze-blocky bloody carnage associated with Friday the 13th soon recommences... Go Jason! Etc.


Wings said…
Love that scene. Reminds me of the one from part II, when Ginny yells to Paul: "There's someone in the room! There's someone in the god-damn room!"

Love it.
Matt-suzaka said…
I have a wicked soft spot for the seventh film, and it is one of my favorite of the series. It was a very cool idea to have Jason go up against a telekinetic girl, a formidable foe if you will. Still, I always wonder how a Freddy vs Jason movie would have played outback then.
Matthew Coniam said…
This is actually the only one of the entire series I haven't seen, But I too find them all highly enjoyable - I found quite a lot of Part 2 pretty creepy...
Hmmmm...guess I have to re-watch part 7 now, lol. Yeah, where is Ginny to warn ya when you need here...sheesh!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum
James said…
And the moral of the story, kids? Don't indulge in midnight snacks. Or smoke joints while having drunken premarital sex. Sheesh, indeed!
Carl (ILHM) said…
Excellent choice, this is actually my singular favorite scene in the entire series. Best looking costume, creepiest atmosphere, an all around winner James!

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