The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

With his dazzlingly shot and sadistically violent directorial debut The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Dario Argento built on the giallo blueprint laid down by Mario Bava in the groundbreaking The Girl Who Knew Too Much and Blood And Black Lace; effectively kick starting the popularity of the giallo movie in early Seventies Italian cinema. A slew of films combining art-house aesthetics and exploitative sex and violence followed suit.

This month sees the release of his chic and savage debut on blu-ray, courtesy of Arrow Video, who have once again really gone all out to give cult movie fans a package to salivate over.

Head over to Eye for Film to read my review of Argento's debut and the host of Arrow Video's tantalizing, jaw-dropping extra features - which ensure this release is a MUST for fans of Argento and giallo all'italiana...


Lacrimarum said…
I think this is one of Argento's better plotted films, extremely suspenseful and stylish and a very promising debut for the Maestro. That taunting soundtrack has always given me the creeps as well. Unforgettable giallo.
James Gracey said…
This is one of my favourite Argento films - suspenseful, stylish and more tightly plotted than later offerings. And the score by Morricone is to die for! Thanks for the linkage - will check out. :)

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