Wine of the Month

Another month, another recommendation of fine wine to guzzle whilst watching horror films. Whereas before, I'd always have a little 'wine of the month' piece on the sidebar of this here blog, that kind of fell by the wayside and I would generally forget to update it. OK, sometimes I’d over indulge and just forget to tell you about it, but rest assured I was always heavily ensconced in research… Hey, it’s important to know what wine will enhance your horror viewing pleasure. Certain wines go hand in hand with certain horror movies.

This month’s batch of film reviews were lovingly brought to you in association with a 2008 vintage Gato Negro Merlot – a delicious, medium bodied wine from Chile. With a bright red ruby colour and an aroma swirling with ripe, red berry fruits, this bottle goes down rather nicely with something directed by Mario Bava. Or chicken or pasta.

The flavour is quite juicy and reminiscent of jammy fruit in springtime.

Gato Negro is apparently one of the oldest brands from Chile and is produced in the San Pedro region. Enjoy responsibly. And if you insist on quaffing it whilst being pursued by a 16th Century Baron with a penchant for Sadism, you inadvertently resurrected (Baron Blood, I mean you), keep a cork handy in case of pesky spillages.


Jenn said…
I've been overindulging a bit too much lately myself, which is why I'm only going to drink wine with my horror movies, instead of with martinis. The martini with the pino noir chaser is what I have dubbed the 'this job sucks' cocktail.

I'm think a nice tempranillo this month, to go with my Naschy-a-thon.

Nice feature and glad to see it will be more regular.

Happy drinking!
Mykal said…
James: Has "Wine of the Month" been a regular feature? If so, I'm sorry I missed it. If not, I would love to see it so. It's very, very clever and entertaining.
James Gracey said…
Jenn what a great idea for your Naschy-a-thon! And wine with martinis? Hardcore, dude. I may have met my match! ;)

Yeah Mykal, there was always a 'wine of the month' on the sidebar of the blog - though for the past six months or so it remained the same. What can I say, I like Merlot! And was lazy. ;)
rsp said…
Hi James I am editing an interview with S. Martino and I would like to use a sentence you wrote as the title. Could you contact me at to discuss? Many thanks Roberta
mxxbock said…
thats actually a really cheap wine in chile not bad but is almost a boxed wine, boxed wines are the cheapest of cheaps homeless people and teenagers drink them, gato have this version and the boxed one and is almost the same. take this as an advise dont buy that wine, no grapes have been used to make that.
James Gracey said…
Ha! Really!? I didn't know that. Funny, isn't it? Over here in Ireland it is a reasonably priced (usually around £5) and inoffensive brand. The screw top should’ve tipped me off that is was cheap shit! I still like it though.
I'm just starting to get into Chilean wines - can you recommend some good ones then?

Thanks for dropping by - don't be a stranger. :o)

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