Alternative Cover Concept Artwork

I recently came across this beautiful alternative cover concept artwork by Lorenzo Princi on an Australian website. While it’s, sadly, not an official cover design, I love it – it’s very reminiscent of the old Mondadori giallo book covers.
Check out more of the designer's work here. Beautiful stuff.

Shameless self promotion alert.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy, you can do so here.
And if your budget can’t stretch to £12.99 – well, these are tough times – you can pick up a cheaper copy on good ol’ Amazon.


Wes said…
Good find James and yes, quite a striking minimal design. I really love the sleeve for Criterion's Le Cerque Rouge - it reminds me of those 70's Penguin paperbacks.. I don't have your Argento book sadly but I may be tempted - there are a few Argento books out there to choose from but so far Alan Jones' book is the only one I've enjoyed. Broken Mirrors Broken Minds and Art of Darkness in particular were a tad too scholarly for me... Here's a question, just for fun - what would be your dream writing project ?
James Gracey said…
Cheers Wes. I think I might actually prefer it to the official cover!
I also really enjoyed Alan Jones' Profondo Argento - loads of great anecdotes and behind the scenes info. If you do ever pick up a copy of my own 'tome', I really hope you enjoy it. Hopefully you'll find it more accessible than some of the other titles you mentioned. :)
systemshocks said…
Yeah, it's a lovely cover, James. Will you be updating the book as Argento makes more films?

PS - fantastic Vincent Price still - what film is that from? :)
James Gracey said…
I would hope that in future, if it sells enough copies and warrants a second edition, I could update it to include Dracula 3D and future Argento projects. I see that on Wikipedia he's beginning work on a new TV project called The Fourth Dimension... :o)
James Gracey said…
PS The photo of Mr Price is a promo shot for The Bat! One of my favourite photos of him. I'm just trying out a few things with the look of the blog. Being indecisive in other words!
That's much better than the other cover James...shame it wasn't put out everywhere with it.
Lorenzo Princi said…
Thank you all for the kind words and to James for the post. It is a really great book James has written and i'd recommend you pick up a copy if you haven't already.
psynno said…
This should be the cover James, it's spot on... It'll be good to hear about Dracula 3D and the TV stuff... Fingers and everything else crossed!
James Gracey said…
Keep up the great work Lorenzo! :)

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