Wine of the Month – Albali Caliza

This month’s reviews were brought to you courtesy of Caliza (‘barrel aged’), a lush cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo blend from Spanish wine company, Viña Albali. A smooth and medium bodied wine made from selected cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo grapes from the Castile La Mancha region, Caliza displays a mild strawberry with a hint of cherry flavour, which has been aged in oak for several months, adding a lovely, well, ‘oaky’ finish.

Established in 1952, Félix Solís (the parent company of the Viña Albali brand) grow their grapes in harsh climatic conditions (up to 40C in summer and as low as -15C in winter).

If it’s simple and mildly flavoured accompaniment with my movie watching last night is anything to go by, it works quite well with dark and moody David Fincher thrillers like Se7en (the oaky, tannin finish is wonderfully complemented by Morgan Freeman’s dulcet tones and the washed-out colour palette) and, providing your housemate doesn’t make you flick over halfway through to The Sin Eater (heathen!), Lamberto Bava’s Argento-produced Demons.

The light cherry undertones may also compliment anything with Edwige Fenech in it – such as Mario Bava’s 5 Dolls for an August Moon or the uber-trashy Strip Nude for Your Killer… Enjoy responsibly.

"You're absolutely right! I DO detect light cherry undertones. Hic."


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