Paracinema Issue 13 Now Available To Pre-Order!

It’s hard to believe that Paracinema Magazine has been going for four years now. Four years in which it has consistently delivered thought provoking and increasingly exciting content on cinema that falls firmly outside the mainstream. Within its pages you’ll find passionately written pieces on the likes of blaxploitation films, Italian giallo flicks, cult oddities, extreme Asian sub-genres, horror, exploitation, B-movies and pornography, amongst other lurid and obscure delights.

Issue 13 is now available to pre-order. Amongst the tantalising pieces on offer are the likes of the cover feature Blood Is Thicker Than Fear: Maternal Madness in Horror Cinema by Ashley Avard, Dreams That You Could Never Guess: Bela Lugosi on Poverty Row, 1940-42 by Andreas Stoehr, Censoring the Centipede: How the BBFC are Sewing Our Eyes Shut by Liam Underwood and Teenage Riot: Coming of Age in Modern Cinema by Christian Sellers.

Head over to Paracinema’s online domain and pick yourself up a copy!

And if you like what you see and would like to help Paracinema continue to expand, please think about also picking up a lovingly designed Warriors t-shirt. So, not only do you get an effortlessly cool t-shirt based on an effortlessly cool cult movie – you’ll be helping Paracinema achieve wider distribution. And that, I’m sure you’ll agree, is cool.


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