Audiodrome#4: The Wicker Man

Head over to to check out the latest instalment of Audiodrome: Music in Film. This month I’ve been listening to Paul Giovanni’s inspired score for Robin Hardy’s folk-horror masterpiece, The Wicker Man. Heavily informed by paganism and indigenous music, Giovanni’s meticulously researched soundtrack combines adaptations of traditional folk pieces, poems and authentic-sounding original compositions.

Why not pick up the latest issue of Paracinema while you’re there? Amongst its lurid delights are articles such as Panic in Detroit: RoboCop and Reagan’s America by Andreas Stoehr; Blood on the Rubber Chicken: Horror Parodies of the Early ’80s by Mike White; and Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures from Hell by Todd Garbarini. All great stuff, written by hardcore fans of genre films for hardcore fans of genre films.


Dr. Theda said…
Good movie ...better than the remake and i love the image of the "Hand of Glory".... Keep up the great posts
....the Doctor
James Gracey said…
Thank ye kindly, Doc!
i prefer the original because it is more bizarre! see my reviews of bizarreness at my bloody bloggy moviesleftfordead dot com woooo!

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