Audiodrome#9: The Devil In Miss Jones

Gerard Damiano’s moody 'porn-chic' title The Devil in Miss Jones (1973) straddles an odd divide between art house and hardcore pornography. Upon release it was described as "More morality play than masturbation aid." It follows the tragic story of virginal spinster Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin), who commits suicide only to end up facing an eternity in Hell because she took her own life. She insists that if she’s given another chance she can ensure she lives a life that truly warrants such eternal damnation. So begins an X-rated and oddly emotional odyssey of lustful licentiousness. The lush piano driven score courtesy of Alan Shuman highlights the melancholy at the heart of the story and negates typical conventions of kinky Seventies porn soundtracks.

Head over to to read my review of Shuman’s wistful score. Feel free to leave a comment over there too if you're up for chatting about it.

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Anonymous said…
We've only ever heard of this film, but never really plucked up the courage to actually watch it as it never really struck us as a good movie to watch of an evening when all your friends come round for a chat and to relax.
Therefore it's going to be a case of fitting it in when we can. But the idea sounds intriguing and we do intent to get round to it.

Liam and Pearl
systemshocks said…
Strange and interesting choice, James. I'm heading over there now to check it out.

btw, Have you seen who is the guset of homour at this year's Frightfest in London? Hoping Starburst will spring me a ticket...
James Gracey said…
I just had a look on their website!! I want to go now too!! I've actually never been to Frightfest before. Have you? If Starburst spring you a ticket and you need someone to carry your notebook and pen or whatever, just let me know... ;)
systemshocks said…
I'll do what I can, buddy. I've only been a couple of times before, once to see Exorcist: Dominion and again a couple of years to see Tobe Hooper's Eggshells. Work has always prohibited but this year I might have to make myself available!

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