Audiodrome #14

In this month's edition of Audiodrome: Music in Film, I take a look at Roy Ayer’s astoundingly funky score for Jack Hill’s 1973 blaxploitation classic Coffy. Starring Pam Grier as a nurse who turns vigilante on the inner city drug dealers who get her younger sister hooked on drugs, Coffy combines exploitative thrills with sly social commentary and barbed pot-shots at police corruption. The film made Grier into a genre icon, and its psychedelic-funk score brilliantly showcases Ayers signature vibes. Head over to Paracinema to read the full review and treat your ears to a track.

While you’re there, why not pick up a copy of the latest issue of Paracinema Magazine? Inside you’ll find damn fine readin’ in the shape of articles and essays such as The Goriest Film You Never Saw by Jose Cruz, Marriage Bites: Lesbian Vampires and the Failure of Heterosexuality in Daughters of Darkness by Erin Wiegand and “When Single Shines the Triple Sun”: Duality and Self Discovery in The Dark Crystal by Paracinema’s very own editor-extraordinaire, Christine Makepeace. 


Marie Robinson said…
Loooove Pam Grier! James, I'll be in Ireland March 18th-April 4th. I'll let you know when we will be in Belfast. We will be going around from Dublin in a clockwise fashion so we will be hitting Belfast last before returning to Dublin to fly home. Again, I'll hit you with dates!! xoxo
James Gracey said…
Huzzah! Good stuff indeed. You have my email address, don't you? Send me details. Looking forward to it. :)

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