Over the past few years Scandinavian horror has been making quite the mark on genre cinema, with filmmakers finding ways to surprise audiences and subvert expectations with titles like Let the Right One In, Not Like Others and Cold Prey. Some even mine spooky Nordic folklore for frights — think Marianne and Trollhunter — lending their films a unique tone quite unlike anything else around.

The latest Scandiwegian chiller, Wither, has been touted as the Swedish Evil Dead, and with good reason. Gratuitous splatter FX aside though, it fails to offer much in the way of ingenuity, its set-up all too familiar to horror audiences.

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Warden Stokely said…
Hi James
I'm not a big Zombie gal. Honestly, I think they're kind of boring, so a sub-par zombie movie would really make me yawn. I gotta say, though, the poster's pretty wicked! :). I believe the effects of film in their attempt to enhance, many times upstage tone and character development. I agree with you, that if that is not given as much credence, that we don't give a darn whether the characters live or die. I realize the extent of effects is a natural evolution in film, but it's a shame that the basics are dulled in the process. I absolutely loved Let the Right One In. I cared about the kids a great deal and was tickled that he took her with him in the crate in the train, but I don't expect I'll take the time to watch Wither. Thanks for the honest review. I should get my Argento books in a couple of days! I'm really excited. I bought new, so you'd get something out of it. I'm guessing you do even if it's Amazon USA (?) And oh yah, I wanted to tell you, that because of your rad post on Suspiria, I'm paying much closer attention to the scores. Until next time...Keep those fires stoked.
Eternally Yours
Warden Stokely
Warden Stokely Horrorzine
James Gracey said…
I'm with you on this one Stokely - I'm kind of over zombie films. Every now and again I'll see one that does something interesting - Wither isn't one of them. All the elements I thought to be quite interesting in this one were just ignored. Before long it just became another 'kids turning into violent zombies in a cabin in the woods' narrative. Very routine. The look of the infected is pretty creepy though - as you can see in the poster (which I quite like, too) - but aside from that, there was nothing else to keep me engaged with this one.

And thank you for picking up a copy of the book - I really hope you like it and that it will give you a decent introduction to Argento's work.

Thanks for stopping by!
James Gracey said…
PS I'm not too sure how royalties work - I've never actually gotten any! I won't get into that here though. I do appreciate the thought - just hope you were able to pick up a copy quite cheaply. ;)

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