Audiodrome #20: Wendigo

For this month’s Audiodrome - my music in film column over at Paracinema - I spin Michelle DiBucci's score for Wendigo (2001). Weaving together creepy Native American folklore, childhood fantasy, and nods to Algernon Blackwood’s weird tales of cosmic/elemental terror, Wendigo is an unsettling psychological tale with dark fairytale subtext. It tells of a family beset by a chain of tragic events which may or may not be presided over by an ancient, dark force of nature that skulks through the forests surrounding their cabin in Upstate New York. 

The suitably atmospheric score, courtesy of Michelle DiBucci, combines Native American percussion, chanting, flutes, strings and a children’s choir to highlight the tragic aspects of the story. DuBucci said she wanted to create a collage of sound worlds that would “fade in and out of one another like a reoccurring dream whose images are never far from the surface of the imagination.”

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