Dir. Lowell Dean

When small town, alcoholic cop Lou Garrou is cursed by a mysterious cult beneath a full moon, he transforms into a werewolf. Director Lowell Dean subsequently has a lot of fun with traditional werewolf film conventions while creating some interesting and original lore of his own.

An energetic and highly entertaining romp, Dean's sophomore offering features a surprising amount of character development and back-story behind all the B-movie bravado and, in case you were in any doubt, WolfCop is as much fun as it sounds. And then some.

Head over to Exquisite Terror to read my full review.


Unknown said…
Awesome review James, I've been really looking forward to seeing this one so I'm really glad to see a favorable review!
Carl Bachmann said…
Great write-up! I've also been looking forward to this one, waiting for some more werewolf horror/comedies. Glad to hear from you that this one isn't a disappointment!
James Gracey said…
Hope you guys get a chance to check it out soon - and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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