Wine of the Month

Another month, another Rioja to tjuzs up your palette. Vega Roja is a cheap and cheerful ruby-red wine. As well as being irresistibly inexpensive (less than £5) it also contains all of the familiar characteristics of a typical Rioja: slightly spicy and smooth finish with hints of fruit and stuff.

This wine does come with an allergy warning though: like all wine it contains sulphur dioxide in various forms, collectively known as sulphites. Even unsulphured wine may contain up to 10 milligrams per litre. Red wine does not need any added sulphur dioxide because it naturally contains anti-oxidants from the skins and stems of the grapes. Commercial winemakers add some anyway. So be careful.

This is the perfect accompaniment to wafting forlornly around your crumbling garret whilst listening to the latest Philip Glass or watching a stately Boris Karloff chiller…


Vital stats for quaffers:

* This wine is produced in the Rioja region of Spain
* The vintage is, erm, 'Non Vintage'
* The alcohol percentage is 13% (woo hoo!)
* The predominant grape variety is Tempranillo


Jenn said…
I love me some Tempranillo. We had this amazing Rioja last time we were in NYC but unfortunately I forgot what it was. I'll stick to the cheap ass Pino Noir we always drink here in Virginia.

James Gracey said…
I can't seem to get enough of rioja, as last night will readily attest to. It goes well with paella AND suspenseful thrillers like Right at Your Door. Fun times. Hope you're well Jenn. ;o)
Anonymous said…
You've done it again, Gracey! I wil try this "Rioja." Here's hoping it doesn't taste like butter :p
James Gracey said…
Hope you dig it. Rioja's my favourite.

In other news: Godspeed issue 11 of Paracinema to me!!! Pre-ordered my copy yesterday. CAN'T WAIT. ;o)

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