Issue 1 of Exquisite Terror

London-based writer, editor and now publisher Naila Scargill, has harboured a deep-rooted fascination with the horror genre since a young girl, and it has long been a source of frustration to her that our beloved subject is rarely taken seriously as the relevant art form that it is.

Having worked as deputy editor on the now defunct Gorezone Magazine, and with increasing frustration witnessed its downward trajectory into salacious, gutter-press titillation, Scargill needed to sate her appetite for an intelligent and thought-provoking horror magazine that actually focused on horror.

And thus, having emerged from that particular wreckage with dignity just about intact, she has created Exquisite Terror - a brand-spanking-new and independently produced periodical; the intention of which is to take a more academic, analytical approach to the genre of horror.
Issue 1 includes an in-depth essay on actor Donald Sutherland and his career in the 1970s; an interview with promising new Spanish director Guillem Morales (Julia’s Eyes); ‘How to survive vampirism, according to Bram Stoker and Stephen King’; ‘Analysis of the script behind a classic’; a little something penned by yours truly on the Saitama Serial Murders of Dog Lovers (the real life story that provided the inspiration for Cold Fish) and the obligatory much, much more…

Pick up a copy of Exquisite Terror here.


Unknown said…
Exquisite terror looks great! Your tickets will be left at the door for you.
James Gracey said…
John I only just got your message - I'm so sorry! I hope the tickets didn't go to waste. How was it?
Sorry again. :(

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