Pass this Award onto five other people or you will DIE!

Aaron over at The Death Rattle was kind/drunk enough to present me with the iDig Your Blog Award. As such it is my duty to gratefully accept and spread on the accolades to a few other blogs I dig…

5 Blogs I dig…


Belfast-based musician/producer Martin Byrne has been composing, producing and recording a song every day this year. A daunting task indeed, but Martin’s commitment to the project is nothing short of inspiring. Each visit to his blog results in an album’s worth of listening material. Great stuff. Plus, his latest track, The Slasher, appears to be an homage to John Carpenter and synthy slasher goodness from the 80s...

It All Happens In The Dark

A lover of slasher flicks, damsels in distress and feisty final girls, Cody’s breezy reviews and reflections on horror films old and new boast an infectious sense of humour and an ever fresh perspective. Currently on hiatus, here’s hoping Cody rejoins us soon for the sequel!

Unflinching Eye

A visit to Aylmer’s blog always results in discovering something I wasn’t previously aware of. With his finger on the pulse of transgressive, left-of-centre horror, every new post is an exciting, enlightening and usually beautifully written read.

Celluloid Highway

Shaun Anderson’s blog is a veritable trove of movies less-seen discussed and reviewed in an honest and frank manner. Shaun is usually pretty forthright in his writing – he calls a spade a spade. And that he does so in such an articulate, often acerbic manner results in damn good readin’.

Fascination With Fear

A fellow Argentophile, Christine Hadden’s blog charts her obsession with all things horror. Reflective, funny and scarily relatable, Fascination With Fear is easy to get lost in with its myriad reviews, ruminations on the genre and everyday anecdotes from the life of a hardcore horror fan.

Should any of these fine bloggers chose to accept their award, apparently there are rules...

1. Gratefully accept this award.
2. Link to the person you received it from.
3. Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4. Pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5. Notify them.
6. If you don’t, you’ll die in seven days after receiving a series of ominous phone calls actually made from inside your own house… (I may have made this one up).


Three interesting facts about myself:
1. I was once an extra in a film. I'm blown up in an explosion during the opening credits.
2. I once referred to Suspiria as 'a giallo' in an essay at university. For shame!
3. I watched Jaws 4: The Revenge last night.


Thanks for the accolade my good man...I shall put up an acceptance post tomorrow :-)
Your interesting facts sounded a little bit like confessions. Haha. So which film was it?

Congratulations on the award!
Aaron said…
What? I don't remember giving you this award. I must have been too wasted off cheap malt liquor! ;-)
James Gracey said…
You're welcome Shaun!

@LGH Mmmm, yeah, I suppose they do - not least the one involving what I did with Jaws 4: The Revenge t'other night! ;)
The film was Mickybo and Me - two kids obsessed with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid become friends at the start of the Troubles in 1970s Belfast. It was quite sweet - if a little twee.

@Aaron - I thought as much! A man after me own heart. Cheers again buddy! :)
Cody said…
Awwww, I am honored. I really need to get back to blogging. This definitely inspires me to do so. I'm glad you didn't get blown up for real.

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