Halloween Photography

"Everyone's entitled to one good scare."
Throughout 2012 I’ve been taking at least one photograph everyday and uploading them here. My reason for doing this, aside from it sounding like a fun and creative challenge, is to try and hone my photography skills and become a more prolific photographer.

As it’s approaching All Hallow’s Eve, and because I’m a major horror geek, I decided to take themed photographs throughout the month of October.

Venturing out into the chilly autumnal air, I have wandered through cemeteries by night and day, loitered around abandoned buildings and wafted through forests at sunset; all the while photographing my surroundings. At other times I’ve attempted to recreate shots from various horror films, stage spooky scenarios of my own, or just photograph some of the myriad Halloween decorations currently adorning my house.

You can check out my efforts over at Camera Obscure.

Here are a few to whet your appetite. Happy Halloween!


Sarah E. Jahier said…
Wow, these are some fantastically spooky shots! Heading over to your other blog to see more...
James Gracey said…
Thanks Sarah. It's been a LOT of fun. :)
Some really, really gorgeous images you have there, James! Of course I'm more partial to the spooky Halloween shots :). Love that one of the sky with the steeple and tree in silhouette! You're very talented.
Matt-suzaka said…
I love the photos of yours that I've seen, James, and all of these are equally wonderful! Now if you could get behind a film camera and see what happens... An Irish Gialli, perhaps?!

I'm actually trying to catch up on all the "Nightmare" action you've put together (which I'm so excited about!), but I wanted to make sure I wished you a happy and safe Halloween! Hope you have a great one!
James Gracey said…
Thanks so much Michele! Glad you liked them. I've had a lot of fun this month. Maybe a bit too much... ;)

Thanks Matt! An Irish giallo, you say? Hmmm. I wish! Lots of badly dubbed Oirish accents, leprechaun red-herrings and Guinness spattered razorblades. It could work!
Hope you like the Nightmare action - I think I've just about recovered from it all, though my desire to quip dreadful puns is taking longer to fade. Damn you, Krueger!

Happy Halloween!!

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