Interview With Jack Zipes

Jack Zipes is a renowned author and expert on fairy tales. He has written a startling array of art­icles, essays and books on the subject, includ­ing The Broth­ers Grimm: From Enchanted Forests to the Mod­ern World and Break­ing the Magic Spell: Rad­ical The­or­ies of Folk and Fairy Tales.

His latest work, The Irres­ist­ible Fairy Tale: The Cul­tural and Social His­tory of a Genre, is avail­able now courtesy of Prin­ceton Uni­ver­sity Press.

I recently had the pleas­ure of chatting with Mr Zipes about the his­tory and rel­ev­ance of fairy tales, their endur­ing appeal, and the influ­ence they have had on the likes of the super­hero and horror genres.

Head over to Exquisite Terror to read the interview.

To pick up a copy of Exquisite Terror II, in which I examine the relationship between fairy tales and horror films, go here

To read about the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, its history and the influence it has had on cinema and literature, check out Dark Woods, Red Hoods


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