Exquisite Terror 3

Exquisite Terror is an independently produced periodical, the intention of which is to take a more academic, analytical approach to the genre of horror. This is Exquisite Terror III. Isn't it beautiful? It's now available to pre-order.

Inside you'll find in-depth essays on The Exorcist, Jörg Buttgereit, a little something by myself on the presence of cats in horror, exclusive hand-drawn artwork and much, much more. All for only £2.45.

Exquisite Terror is a labour of love for all involved. Print isn't dead - support independent publishing. Click here to pre-order your copy today. 

For international sales, please contact info@exquisiteterror.com prior to order.

"Exquisite Terror is something rather different… genre fans looking for interesting, sometimes provocative features on the fringe elements of the genre will find much to enjoy here." Strange Things Are Happening


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