Dir. Jaron Henrie-McCrea

AKA The Gateway

The humble shower curtain holds a rather iconic place in horror cinema. Its presence in one of the most shocking and undeniably influential moments in all of cinema helped to create tension and a sense of vulnerability; a thin layer separating normality from chaos and carnage, a veil between life and death. Since Psycho (1960), countless horror films have featured scenes in which shower curtains are whipped back to reveal murderous marauders poised to thrust sharp implements into the naked flesh of the unfortunate showerer. In Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s low-budget, oddball delight, the presence, or to be more precise, the disappearance of the shower curtain once again serves as a harbinger of foreboding doom. But in a very different way indeed…

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Aylmer said…
I was wondering whether to give this one a watch. Will do so now.

And yes, it really is amazing how much of an important role the humble shower curtain has played in horror films. I guess when we stand in the shower we're at our most vulnerable, and there's something about the way they are semi-opaque, so you can't really be sure what's on the other side. Also, they get mouldy which is an anxiety trigger for a lot of people.
James Gracey said…
Ha! It can indeed be an anxiety trigger for some people. ;)

Yes, I really enjoyed this one - it's weird and wonderful and harks back to other low budget (but innovative) delights such as The Evil Dead.

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