The Telephone

If you heard it ringing, would you be prepared to answer what lies at the other end of the telephone? 

The Telephone is a brand new psychological horror short from Nine Ladies Film. Written and directed by Stuart Wheeldon, it stars Nigel Barber (Mission Impossible 5, Spectre), Bern Deegan (Hideaways, The Honeymooners) and Rachel Prince. Shot on location at The Black's Head pub in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, over three days in February 2016, The Telephone follows the story of Richard, a reporter, who, after receiving a strange letter and an ornamental glass fish, travels to a remote small town to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young woman. While staying in a room in the local pub, the last place the woman was seen alive, Richard is disturbed by an old telephone that seems to ring endlessly. A chance encounter with the spectral image of a young woman follows, plunging Richard into psychological mayhem. Is the ghostly figure seen late at night the missing girl? What dark secrets are being concealed by the landlord of the pub? Could the telephone just be a figment of Richard’s imagination?

The trailer for The Telephone is due in early April, and the film is expected to hit in June. For updates and information, follow the filmmakers on Twitter and Facebook

Speaking of the sinister nature of telephones, head over to Senses of Cinema and check out this great essay on the role of telephonic communication in slasher films. You’ll be glad you did.


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