Cradle Will Fall

Dirs. Lars Jacobson and Amardeep Kaleka

AKA Baby Blues

Head over to Eye for Film to read my review of this taut, yet grim little shocker.

Cradle Will Fall is a chaotic and deeply upsetting film about a young woman who snaps under the pressure of trying to raise four young children on an isolated farmhouse while her husband works away from home. Going utterly berserk, Mommie Dearest (a thoroughly deranged Colleen Porch) starts offing her sprogs in increasingly grisly ways...

A sort of Flowers in the Attic for the Eli Roth generation, if you like.


I thought that plot sounded familiar, saw this one as Baby Blues, didnt like it at all, thought it was all too generic and relied too much on shock value and not enough on establishing itself as a unique entry in the genre. After reading your perspective, how can I not want to give it another go though =D
James Gracey said…
Hi Carl, thanks for dropping by. Yes, while it did rely on shock tactics and felt a little familiar at times, I still really enjoyed it. And at times i was genuinely shocked by it! I came to this with no idea what to expect - but i was quite taken by surprise. Like i said, had it not been for the absurdity or over-the-top approach, this would have been utterly devastating in its agenda. As it is, its just a fun, morbidly humorous flick.

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