Sexy Killer

Dir. Miguel Martí

Head over to Eye for Film to read my review of Sexy Killer - a film that surely resembles what would happen if Pedro Almodóvar directed a slasher movie. I kid thee not.

Sexy Killer is the story of Barbara (Macarena Gómez), a promising student at an exclusive Spanish university, who also just happens to be a psychotic serial killer.
Events become increasingly complicated when her victims are resurrected by a couple of medical students hoping to solve the case of the 'campus killer.' However, said victims, whilst only too happy to help a zombie detective with his enquiries, suffer the unfortunate side-effect of an insatiable craving for human flesh...
They don't let this stop them though and are soon making their way to the campus Halloween party to seek revenge and maybe get lucky...

Kinky, kitsch and ludicrously over-the-top, Sexy Killer perfectly balances humour with gross-out effects and lovingly references a plethora of old favourites such as Friday the 13th, Scream, Re-Animator and the work of George Romero. Irresistible fun.


Anonymous said…
I've wanted to see this since last years TIFF. Must. View. This. Film!!!
I'm glad you are giving it a glowing endorsement! Makes me want to see it mooooooooooooooooore!
I <3 Macarena Gómez
James Gracey said…
I wasn't at all familiar with it so didn't really have any expectations - very pleased to say though, that i thoroughly enjoyed it. Completely bonkers - hope you get to check it out soon, i'm sure you'll like it. Do let me know what you think. And thanks for dropping by - always good to hear from you. :P

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