Paracinema Competition Extravaganza!*

The lovely folks over at Paracinema HQ are having a contest. Anyone who purchases a magazine in the month of October is automatically entered into a raffle to win an AMAZING prize pack.

Just head over to and pick up an issue for a chance to win! Each single issue purchased is another entry. For example: 2 copies of issue 7 equals your name 2 times in the drawing. Just remember, subscriptions do not count. It is only for printed issues already in existence.

So what's in this amazing pack of prizes? Well, I'll tell you.

* A year subscription (4 issues) of Paracinema Magazine
* 3 titillating releases from Pink Eiga including Tsumugi - Special Edition, New Tokyo Decadence - The Slave and Sexy Battle Girls.
* Viva the uncut & unrated release from Cult Epics.
* A copy of Trash Cinephile the "irreverent guide to exploitation cinema" by Blake Ryan.
* A Fright Rags t-shirt the style and size of your choosing (must be a regular "horror t-shirt"; does not include "vintage horror" or "artist series" shirts).
* A tee in the size of your choosing from Last Exit to Nowhere (style of shirts vary by size).

If that isn't enough, the lovely, LOVELY folks at Paracinema are working their pretty, blood-spattered fingers to the bone to procure even more goodies.
Questions? Concerns? Comments? Why not drop an email to

*This competition has now closed.


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