The Death Rattle's Guide to Essential Slasher Movies

Aaron over at The Death Rattle has just completed a mammoth trip through the darkest recesses of slasher movie history this month, notching up an impressive collection of reviews and articles on everyone's favourite stalk'n'slash sub-genre. As well as all the usual suspects (Freddy, Jason, Michael), Aaron also explores lesser seen, obscure classics - as well as explores the Italian precursor to the slasher - the giallo - and offers up recommendations for horror fans who long for a little slasher nostalgia.

Aaron invited a few fellow horror bloggers (including yours truly) to chuck in their two-cents worth, and wax lyrical about their fave stalk'n'slash flicks.

So head over yonder and prepare to lose your heart and strip nude for your killer as The Death Rattle takes you on a doom-laden, blood-spattered trek through slasher movie history...

'Hello? Hello, who's there? Aaron is that you? This isn't funny anymore! Stop screwin' around you guys...'


Aaron said…
Hey thanks for linking to it. And thanks again for contributing! By the way, I downloaded a couple of episodes of the VHS show. Pretty neat! Now I can keep up to date with what's going on in Ireland!
James Gracey said…
My pleasure, amigo. Thanks for inviting me to share my *very important opinions*
And please forgive my absolute ineptitude on VHS - I'm a writer, not a fighter. Or something. ;o)
James Gracey said…
PS - Cheers for downloading it!
Just made my way through everything this morning, great to see so many excellent contributions!

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