Wine of the Month

"Drink wine!

You will achieve eternal life,
Wine is the only drink that
Will return to you your youth.

Divine season of wine and
Roses, of good friends!

Enjoy the fleeting moment
That is your life!"

Omar Khayyam 1073 – 1125

Okay, Omar. I don’t need to be told twice!

With a brilliant cherry red centre, garnet and tawny rim and medium-to-high depth, Faustino VII - a deep red rioja - also boasts an intense and complex aroma full of spices, wood, vanilla and erm, leather. Yes. Leather. A powerful, knee-weakening and well finished palate develops into elegant meatiness, meaning this month’s wine of the month goes down well with stewed meats, sautéed seasonal vegetables and a moody Jaume Balagueró movie. Alternatively, try serving this with a Paul Naschy 'Hombre Lobo' flick. It won't disappoint. 

Waldemar want refill!


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