Paracinema 19

Issue 19 of Paracinema Magazine is now available to pre-order.

Inside this strikingly covered issue – which includes not one, but two features on Quentin Tarantino’s bloody revenge saga Kill Bill (It’s Complicated: An In Depth Look at the Evolution of Bill and The Bride’s Turbulent Relationship by Matthew House and The Devil’s in The DeVAS: The Many Foes of Beatrix Kiddo by Zachary Kelley) – you’ll also find the likes of John Carpenter and the Apocalypse: A Study of Four Films by Justin LaLiberty, Aural Enigmas: Sound Design in Ti West’s The Innkeepers by Todd Garbarini and Corpse Fucking Art: A Guide to Necrophilia in Horror Cinema by Samm Deighan.

There’s also What’s In A Name? The Rise and Decline of Hollywood Fall Guy Alan Smithee by yours truly.

If you desire to pick up a copy (and why wouldn’t you!?), head over to to do just that. Support Independent Publishing! It's what Bill would want.


systemshocks said…
Nice one, James. Have voted for Paracinema as Best Mag in the Rondo Awards, and for you as Best Blog ;-)
James Gracey said…
*Blushes* Thanks so much Jon! I'm really looking forward to seeing this issue.
It goes without saying that I hope all is well with you - and Subversive Horror.

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