Audiodrome #17: The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh

When you think of Italian horror cinema, chances are you envision beautiful women screaming for their lives while being slashed to ribbons by a psycho in black leather gloves. Barbara Steele, Daria Nicolodi and Edwige Fenech are but several distinct female faces that spring to mind when contemplating Italian genre films. Moving behind the camera though, women are much less represented; in fact their presence is downright scant. There are however a few notable individuals who have proved they’re just as able to create cinematic shocks as the boys. One such woman is composer Nora Orlandi.

Ms Orlandi’s jazz-infused score for Sergio Martino’s dazzling giallo The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, enhances the decadent, kinky story, and mirrors the dark sensuality pulsing at the heart of it.

Head over to Paracinema to read my review.

While you’re there, why not pick up issue 19 of Paracinema Magazine. Inside you’ll find the likes of Aural Enigmas: Sound Design in Ti West’s The Innkeepers by Todd Garbarini, Corpse Fucking Art: A Guide to Necrophilia in Horror Cinema by Samm Deighan and What’s In A Name? The Rise and Decline of Hollywood Fall Guy Alan Smithee by yours truly.


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