Paracinema 20 Now Available to Pre-Order

Back in 2007, an independently produced magazine focusing on all things ‘genre cinema’ tentatively, nay, modestly made its way onto the shelves of various indie retailers across New York City. Six years later and said independently produced magazine is still going strong and, more importantly, has still managed to retain its unique perspective.

Each lushly produced issue of Paracinema mines the depths of genre cinema by way of a series of essays and features written by admirers of niche cinema, examining, celebrating and promoting films all too often relegated to the sidelines. Films deemed difficult, dangerous or just plain dire by more mainstream publications, are lovingly dissected and discussed without prejudice or delusion.

Issue 20 (!) of Paracinema is now available to pre-order and includes the likes of:

A Serbian Film: Transgressive Horror in the Internet Age by Thomas Duke

Juice Dogs & Erotic Trauma: An Exploration into Stephen Sayadian’s Nightdreams and Dr. Caligari by Heather Drain

The Vehicle Possessed–Masculinity and Male Agency in Wheels of Terror by Seth Goodkind

The Lion in Winter: The Later Years of the American Action Hero by Jon Abrams

Eyes Wide Open: Finding the Key to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining through Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 by Todd Garbarini

Plus essays on Sam Raimi, David Patrick Kelly, Bruce Lee Exploitation Cinema and much, much more.

Why not head over to and pre-order your copy today. Support independent publishing and magazines like Paracinema.Them's good peoples.


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