Some Kind of Hate

Dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer

Part ghost story, part slasher film, Some Kind of Hate is an interesting if at times slightly formulaic tale of revenge. However, with its bleak karmic mantra and themes concerning the unique pain of adolescence, the devastating impact of bullying, self-harm and revenge, it’s a frequently intense viewing experience.

Mercilessly tormented by bullies, troubled high-school loner Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein) eventually snaps and violently retaliates. He’s packed off to a desert commune for young misfits, only to again suffer at the hands of bullies. His rage summons an undead avenger, herself the victim of bullying, who begins to wreak bloody havoc on his behalf...

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Aylmer said…
Nice review James, mirroring my thoughts and feelings on it almost to a tee. As you say, the wheels do almost fall off a couple of times due to it being a bit derivative, but there's more than enough going on to make it quite powerful and memorable by the end. Bullying is a hot-button topic these days what with it being exacerbated by social media, so in that regard it's an important horror flick and bound for classic status by the current generation. Also as you said, Moira, and the gore/fx are really striking, nasty and original. The first time you see the effect of her powers in the barn it's a real eye opener. Also in agreement with you that it's beautifully shot!!

Hope you're keeping well mate! :)

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