Friday Night Frights Podcast

Friday Night Frights is the Official Starburst Magazine Horror Podcast. It’s brought to you each week by Jon Towlson of Shocks to the System: Subversive Horror Films, who recently invited me to join him for a chat about Dario Argento.

Our conversation covers Argento’s entire career, from his beginnings as a film critic and screenwriter, and his international success with the likes of Deep Red and Suspiria, through his recent critical decline and current offerings such as Giallo and the forthcoming Dracula 3D; we cover the lot!

Head over to Starburst’s online lair to listen to/download the podcast. 


systemshocks said…
And a very enjoyable conversation it was too. I hope your readers download and savour it as much as I did.
Aaron said…
Cool, more listening material for the weekend. Can't wait to check it out!
James Gracey said…
Hope you enjoy it, Aaron.

And thanks again for having me, Jon!

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