Happy Bloody Birthday, Behind the Couch

I can haz black and white cake now?
Behind the Couch turns five years old today.

Thank you very much to everyone who has swung by this year. While it has been a fairly uneventful year, there have been a few highlights, including October’s Lovecraftathon, in which I looked at some adaptations of HP Lovecraft’s cosmic horror tales. Indeed, throughout this month I’ll be looking at adaptations of the work of MR James to get into the appropriate mood for Christmas. There has also been the usual swooning over Vincent Price, loitering in graveyards, reviews of old favourites, new favourites, obscure gems, obscure trash – everything from the sublime to the not very good.

Throughout the year I’ve also been reading and reviewing novels and short stories, listening to copious amounts of Kate Bush, discovering new things while watching Suspiria – with a live soundtrack, no less – and meeting fellow horror bloggers in the flesh. Rather excitingly, I was also invited to contribute to a new Eli Roth project, The Crypt, which shall be unveiled very soon and is set to bring a whole world of horror goodness direct to your iPhone. Stay tuned for more on that over the coming weeks.

I also chatted with author/editor Johnny Mains about his new book on the 1967 cult film The Sorcerers and his mission to see that John Burke’s work on it as screenwriter is rightly acknowledged.

Away from blogging I have continued to contribute to publications such as Paracinema, Exquisite Terror and for the first time this year, Diabolique – in fact my feature on the cinematic adaptations of Richard’s Matheson’s I Am Legend is the current issue’s cover feature. If you’re not familiar with these publications, they’re worth checking out. While Paracinema magazine is currently on hiatus, the website is still updated regularly with all kinds of genre related articles and reviews, including my own monthly feature, Audiodrome: Music in Film. 

Enough about me though. Thank *you* for stopping by, reading my scribblings, leaving comments and inspiring conversations about all things horror. Here’s to another year.


Wes said…
James, congratulations on 5 years worth of blogging - no mean feat and what's more you've left behind a fantastic archive in your wake - a treasure throve of interesting, idiosyncratic Horror and field photography.
James Gracey said…
Aww, thanks so much Wes. If real life would ever stop getting in the way, I might be able to spend more time loitering in ancient graveyards.

Hope you're keeping well.
systemshocks said…
Yeah, Happy Birthday, James. Five years is great going- still working my way through your archives! All the best.

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