Paracinema Issue 5

Ladies and Gentlemens,
the latest issue of Paracinema is now available to order...

Amongst the many lurid delights to be found dwelling within its beautifully designed pages and yearning to be touched-up by your filthy paws are Behind Dark Glasses: The Not-So-Hidden Messages in They Live by S. Patrick Gallagher; Royale With Seduction: The Gothic Heart of Pulp Fiction by Molly Griffin; and something called Vicious Cunts: Transgressive Sexuality & Monstrous Femininity in Ginger Snaps and Teeth, by someone called James Gracey. Sounds like someone with WAY too much time on his hands if you ask me.

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Anonymous said…
I must say that your contribution to this issue blew my mind. I am such a fan of Ginger Snaps and as per usual you injected your style and wit into a very thought provoking article. Easily my high point for issue 5. Thank you for everything.
James Gracey said…
I'm really glad that you guys liked it and i'm just really thrilled to be involved with another great issue. thank YOU for all the support, i really appreciate it.
best wishes, james :)

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