Paranormal Activity

Dir. Oren Peli

After moving into their new suburban home, a young couple become increasingly disturbed by strange nightly disturbances that are revealed to be a demonic presence.

Every once in a while a film comes along with a reputation that precedes it. Having already caused something of a stir in the horror community and now breaking out into mainstream box office success, Paranormal Activity is a slow-burning and highly atmospheric horror tale that effortlessly preys on our fear of the unknown and fear of the dark.

Hand held camerawork lends the film a sense of intimate urgency, whilst long static shots prompt us to gaze into the dark abyss of the screen for the smallest flickers of movement in the corners of the frame, the vaguest hint of threat. Before we know it, the abyss is starring back. Rammed full of creepy images, sinister sound effects and queasy tension, Paranormal Activity could very well do for your own home what The Blair Witch Project did for camping.

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