George Romero Week at The Death Rattle

As some of you may know, Aaron over at The Death Rattle has been busy all week, posting about the work of George Romero. Romero’s work is generally considered to be groundbreaking, genre-redefining stuff; he’s often credited with reinventing modern horror cinema with his morbidly bleak masterpiece Night of the Living Dead. Throughout the years he is a filmmaker who has consistently proved he has a unique and singular vision, effectively realised with each cinematic offering.

So head over to The Death Rattle to check out Aaron’s guide to Romero’s Top 13 movies, a Poll of the Dead and various guest posts by the likes of B-Movie Becky from The Horror Effect, Carl Manes from I Like Horror Movies, Neil Fulwood from Agitation of the Mind, Brian Bankston from Cool Ass Cinema and Richard of Doomed Moviethon and Cinema Somnambulist. There’s also a little something on Romero’s mould-breaking vampire tale Martin, by your’s truly. But don’t let that put you off.


Will be checking out all that The Death Rattle has to offer for Romero week, but I did read your little ditty on Martin - and your phrase, "gothic flights of fancy" is so perfect for those flashback scenes. Yes!

And you're like a walking thesaurus, you know that? - damn! ;o)

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