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Born from a conversation about film magazines in a small Queens, New York apartment in the summer of 2007, Paracinema Magazine has been steadily garnering a reputation as a distinctive, intelligent, thought-provoking and passionately produced publication of the highest order since its first issue almost four years ago. Taking its title from a phrase coined by film scholar Jeffrey Sconce, the independently produced, quarterly magazine focuses primarily on all facets of cult and genre cinema.

Each issue contains accessible in-depth analytical pieces, critiques, interviews and academic articles written by fans for fans on all manner of genre cinema – from Hitchcock, Herzog, Bergman and Carpenter to the likes of HG Lewis, Wiseau and Ed Wood, to name but a few. All is presented in a strikingly designed and attention-commanding publication. Paracinema is essentially for those who want to delve deeper into the lurid depths of ‘periphery’ cinema; each issue contains pieces on a staggering array of movies and genres including, horror, sci-fi, blaxploitation, exploitation, cult, Asian, giallo, pornography and B-movies… If you aren’t currently reading Paracinema, it is my duty to inform you that you’re seriously missing out.


Think of the amount of times you’ve been flicking through movie magazines in your local newsagents or book shop and thought how frustrating it was that your favourite types of movies and filmmakers were often neglected or relegated to the sidelines in terms of the amount of articles about them or attention given to them. Think how fantastic it would be to be able to pick up a magazine that was SOLELY about these types of films and filmmakers; and a well written, affordable and lovingly produced one at that.

Recently Paracinema has been given the opportunity to expand; of course it’s not as simple as it sounds. Being a labour of love (read: usually in the red) their budget is quite tight. As such, Team Paracinema has proposed a bit of a fundraiser. Think of it as a donation, but instead of a tote bag you get a sweet Warriors t-shirt out of the deal. Times are tough so if you can’t afford the shirt, please, please, please just help spread the word by sharing this link everywhere you can and help Paracinema to acquire wider distribution. It is a great magazine that deserves to have a much bigger readership.

For more information about the magazine, why not head over to their site and have a look around. You can also befriend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. For a little more insight you can check out an interview with the editor of Paracinema, Christine Makepeace, over at The Blood Sprayer and listen to a podcast with her at The Toxic Graveyard.

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Wes said…
It does look fantastic I must say. I used to buy Empire and Total Film (and experimental music magazine The Wire) fairly religously up to two years ago but knocked it on the head due to lack of funds. Nowadays the only thing I buy is Video Watchdog. I might pick up a sample issue of this one though...very tempted !
James Gracey said…
By all means, Wes! I think many of the earlier issues have sold out, but I'm sure you'll find something of interest in pretty much any of the still available issues.

Issue 11 was one of their best yet in my opinion. :)
Mykal said…
James: I just ordered an x-large! Great shirt. Great cause. Write on, dude!
James Gracey said…
Nice one, Mykal! Thanks for supporting this - you're a gentleman and a scholar. ;)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this, James!
And thanks for your support, Mykal!
(& everyone else)
James Gracey said…
Pleasure is all mine, Ms Makepeace. :)

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