12th Rondo Hatton Awards

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award nominations have just been announced. Now in their twelfth year, the awards honour ‘the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation.’ Much to my surprise and delight, I’ve been nominated for an award in the Best Article category. The article, 'From Alpha to Omega: Richard Matheson's I Am Legend and its Cinematic Incarnations', was published in issue 18 of Diabolique Magazine in November, 2013.

If you feel like it, please vote for me. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you like.

Check out all the nominees here.

Please also consider voting for these fine folks; then just copy and paste the below into an email to taraco@aol.com. Remember to include your name to ensure your vote counts. Polls close at midnight on Sunday 5th May.

12. BEST MAGAZINE OF 2013 - Paracinema  

13. BEST ARTICLE (Please select two; one will win) - ‘From Alpha to Omega: Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend and its Cinematic Incarnations,’ by James Gracey, Diabolique #18. How Matheson’s outsider motif shifted, sometimes dramatically, with the adaptations of his work.

15. BEST THEMED ISSUE - Diabolique #16, Peter Cushing tribute

17. BEST MAGAZINE COVER - Diabolique #16 by Robert Aragon

19. BEST BLOG OF 2013 - Fascination with Fear. Horror from a female point of view.


Thanks so much for the shout-out! Of course you know I'll be voting for your profoundly excellent work! x
James Gracey said…
Thanks Christine - and congratulations on your own nomination! You have my vote (natch). :)

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