Dir. Reg Traviss

When horror novelist Susan (Charisma Carpenter) relocates to the rural English countryside from sunny California to recover from a nervous breakdown, her life begins to slowly unravel as she experiences unsettling and horrific visions. Could the blood-spattered sights be real, or the result of her increasingly fragile and unhinged mindset?

A multi-layered, frequently engrossing contemporary horror story, Psychosis successfully combines many of the elements that made British horror films of yore so memorable – off-beat mystery, hints of supernatural threat, quirky characters, psychological intrigue and bloody murder. Director Reg Traviss attempts to evoke twisted classic chillers from British cinema past, combining an off-kilter and edgy energy reminiscent of more contemporary horror fare with a classic British sensibility which draws on the old ‘Hammer House of Horror/Tales of the Unexpected’ school of terror.

Head over to Eye for Film to read my full review.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing director Reg Traviss and various other key members of the cast and crew of Psychosis. The feature I scribbled appears in this month's issue of Gorezore (issue 58). You can pick up a copy here, or from all well stocked newsagents, for a more indepth look at the making of this film. Huzzah!


Andrei said…
Looking forward to this one. It looks quite interesting.
I remember you mentioning this one a while back, and I'm equally as intrigued after reading your review. I love a good, old-fashioned chiller. Wonder how long I'll have to wait over here in the states to see it?
And the damn ocean strikes again.
James Gracey said…
Yeah, this is nay bad. I'm actually thinking it might be an idea to check it out again - see how it holds up after the initial viewing. I think it has enough going on to merit a few viewings...

Damn you, Atlantic Ocean!! Damn you to HELL!!!

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