Bring Classic Horror Films Back To Television Campaign

As you may or may not be aware, the campaign set up by Cyberschizoid has really been gathering momentum of late...

Television has become so bland in the last decade that it has become impossible to find any of the old classic horror films being screened anywhere, even on the BBC. Years ago, BBC2 would screen regular horror double bills on Saturday nights which featured cult movies from Universal, RKO, Hammer Films and beyond. This writer fondly remembers watching the likes of Cat People, The Pit and the Pendulum and Plague of the Zombies when he should have been fast asleep! My love of older horror movies can be traced back to my experiences watching these movies on the BBC as a youngster – indeed, watching the likes of the Corman/Poe cycle nowadays fills me with an unshakable air of nostalgia and joy, hard to describe to non-horror fans. It would be blissful to tune into double bills of classic horror movies on Saturday evenings during the summer months again.

If you, like me, would like to see these films back on the box, please follow the steps below, and with YOUR help, let's see if we can relive those scary summer nights of late-night Horror Double Bills on British television!! Please sign the petition! You can also Tweet about the campaign by copying and pasting the following text into a tweet: Join us and help us bring CLASSIC HORROR back to British TV. Pls RT thnx!

Please save the banner above to your server and place it on your website or blog and link to this page.


Cory said…
I'm all for this as I would never want to deprive anyone of the chance to see films like this on a regular basis, but I have to ask the question, why specifically British television? In the United States we haven't had access to these flicks on TV for decades now.
And also I would think, that part of the decline of these films being aired on TV is that most people who would regularly tune in for this sort of programming have taken full advantage of the home video boom, and now own most of these on DVD so they can watch them whenever they want commercial free and uncut. So really, it's not in the programmers best interest to put this sort of thing on the air.
Anyway, I will go ahead and sign the petition even though just to help out the Brits. Cheers!
James Gracey said…
Hey Cory, thanks so much for your support!

The campaign is specifically for British television - the BBC to be exact - because the channel, who are accountable to their licence paying viewers (ie the British public at large), have a history of broadcasting such films.

The BBC is quite unique because of the TV licence - they are accountable to their audience - no other broadcaster, that I know of, has as interactive a relationship with their audience than the BBC.

There are no commercials on the BBC either, mainly because their funding comes from the licence payer. And with regard to it not being in the BBC's best interest to broadcast this sort of thing - due to massive government imposed cut backs, they can't afford to produce as much new material of their own - they rely on repeats to fill slots. And as they broadcast over an array of channels, it really wouldn't be that unfeasible for them to find an appropriate slot for a double bill of classic horror movies. If enough of the viewing public sign the petition, they should sit up and pay attention to what we want to see on TV. I point you towards the recent petition submitted to the BBC, demanding that they not axe their radio station 6Music - which came under threat after cut backs were initially announced. Because of the huge outcry, the BBC realised they needed to listen to what the licence fee payer was saying.

The Bring Back Classic Horror campaign was set up by Richard Gladman of the blog 'cyberschizoid' who is also based here in the UK.

I guess nostalgia must also be taken into account - most horror fans will remember with fondness these lamented horror double bills.

Gosh, that was quite a ramble. You still there?? I hope I answered your questions. Thanks again for your support! :o)
Unknown said…
Great comments guys and thanks for the support!
Am trying to raise profile of the campaign thru the Twitter-based Shorty Awards.
Please vote for @cyberschizoid particularly in the following categories:
And mention #classichorrorcampaign in your reasons!

Thanks for your support!
James Gracey said…
Done! Best of luck and keep up the great work. :o)
Unknown said…
Thanks James! :-)

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